Diwata ng Manila

Art, Layout, & Game Design


My name is Sin and I'm a Filipino game designer and artist from Metro Manila. I can do mechanic and narrative design, I do digital and traditional art, and I also do layout work, ranging from clean simple formats to elaborate pieces. I've written for projects like Orbital Blues, Islands of Sina Una, and Confluence RPG
Payment Methods: Paypal, & Gcash.

Art Commissions

Need a piece done?All pieces under the art commissions are assumed to be for your personal use. If you would like to hire me for commercial art assets, please add a 20% fee to all prices.I will not start on the piece until I have received at least 50% of the pay. I will always give an initial sketch of the piece for you to give comments. Once a final sketch has been approved, all succeeding revisions will be an additional 20$.

A painting of a women with waves for hair abd paper boats

Rates for my traditional art commissions

For full watercolor illustrations with backgrounds, scenery and detail, any piece starts at 250$.Black & White Single
Traditional Ink character designs
start at 60$ per character.
Headshots: 80$
Bust: 100$
Full body: 140$

Simple Color traditional watercolor pieces

Per subject
All pieces start at 60$.
Headshots: 60$
Bust: 70$
Full body: 120$

Full Color Single
Traditional Watercolor character designs

Per character:
All pieces start at 100$.
Headshots: 100$
Bust: 120$
Full body: 200$
With background: +10$ depending on complexity.

Black & White Single
Digital Ink character designs

Per character:
All pieces start at 50$.
Headshots: 50$
Bust: 70$
Half-body: 90$
Full body: 100$

Full Color Single
Digital character designs

Per character:
All pieces start at 80$.
Headshots: 80$
Bust: 90$
Half-body: 120$
Full body: 150$

Digital Group Character Portraits, b&w with color splash

Starting price at 300$.